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Biography / Crispin Zeeman

I never knew my Grandfather. He disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1929, long before I was born. Christian left his native Denmark when he was 22 - travelling through Siberia and 'last seen' in Japan. I was just a few years old when I met the surviving members of his family in Denmark in 1968. They took one look at me and said, "That one is Christian all over again". More than thirty years and thirty countries later, I guess I was destined to travel.

I came to Oxford in my 20s and was captivated by the majestic city that towered up around me. I felt compelled to photograph it - in case it changed. I wanted to share that sense of awe and wonder that I had felt when I first explored the historic city. From here, there was no turning back, and I fixed my gaze (and viewfinder) on the horizon, traveling and photographing the world beyond ever since.

My photographs always tell a story. They are a celebration of life, of the diversity of the world around us; the beauty of land, the richness of each culture, the human spirit, the pure emotion.

Many of the people I have met have impressed me with their strong, proud sense of cultural identity. It is in the eyes of these people that I most often feel the greatest connection with another world. I am compelled by my encounters with people and their cultures to capture their essence -- in an effort to preserve, in part, the unique beauty and elegance of our world, before it changes or disappears altogether.

Travel guides are my principal market but there are so many imaginative ways to use images, I am open to all offers! I am lucky to have had the opportunity to use my photographs for the benefit of charity and education -- for the preservation and protection of the peoples and places under threat from the environment, climate change, politics, and poverty.

Crispin Zeeman