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I have written many articles for Oxfam. They reflect a world that to its great shame allows poverty to exist. A world where, everyday, millions of people face injustice, inequality, and insurmountable odds.

I have been lucky enough to travel to Africa, to Asia, to South America to meet some of these people; to listen to their problems - and solutions. The issues, the challenges, the names and places change. The hopes and dreams, and the unfaltering belief in the possibility of a better world do not.

Water For Chocolate - Oxfam News

Water For Chocolate Oxfam News

Fair Trade In Action: Farmers in Ghana
Swap Cocoa Beans For Safe, Clean Water

Midnight's Children - Oxfam News

Midnight's Children Oxfam News

Homeless People In Brazil Risk Arrest And
Eviction To Build Their Own Homes

The Doctor Won't See You Now...

The Doctor Won't See You Now...

An Insight Into Malawi's Crumbling Health Service